This show's mission is to share the stories and views of people from a wide range of background experiences and experience levels, to help show a rich view of what's involved in making games (AAA, indies, game jammers, hobbyists, and more!), various sides of the game industry, and today's game communities and events.
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Interviews every other week with people in the worldwide game development community. Hosted by Chris DeLeon of

("Game Developers Like You" was this show's original title for the first ~year)

Feb 8, 2016

Bethany Martin is a graduate student in USC's Interactive Media program. She has a background in visual art but has taught herself programming in her move to game design and development. Find her on Twitter as @Artizaw5um Music by Danny Baranowsky

Feb 1, 2016

This is Part 2 of a 2 part interview with Jason Spencer about his professional level design career. Follow him on Twitter as @wolfen420 and view his portfolio at Music by Danny Baranowsky

Jan 25, 2016

In this first of a 2 part interview Jason Spencer discusses the story of how he got into professional level design as well as the first half of his career experiences so far. Tune in next week for part 2. Music by Danny Baranowsky

Jan 18, 2016

For 18 years Tomo Moriwaki has been an artist, lead game designer, creative director, and now a cofounder of Here's his recent talk at Gamkedo LA Club (become a member at Music by Danny Baranowsky

Jan 11, 2016

Chelsea Howe is a Creative Director for EA Mobile. She's taught game development, made serious games with Jane McGonigal, is on GDC's advisory board, was a designer on Farmville, and helps run QGCon. @manojalpa Music by Danny Baranowsky.

Jan 4, 2016

Ryan Harrington - @krooked590 on Twitter - developed Mosaic, a popular Lights-Out game for Windows Phone. In this interview we discuss getting into game programming, early projects, the value of online community, and more. Music by Danny Baranowsky.

Dec 28, 2015

Evgeni is a professional narrative designer in St. Petersburg. He's on Twitter as @AWaywardWriter CCG where he's a lead is Keep an eye out for Paper Knight (site for the game is coming soon). Music by Danny Baranowsky.

Dec 21, 2015

This week Miranda Bradley - freelance digital artist turned game programming professional - shares her experiences in school, on small projects with friends, her latest expressive prototype, critique, conferences, VR's potential, and more. Music by Danny Baranowsky

Dec 15, 2015

Harrison Pink is a professional game designer, world builder, and writer. His past experience includes working on TellTale's The Walking Dead games. His blog is at Games at Music by Danny Baranowsky

Dec 7, 2015

Meet H, a hobby game developer with two games on the App Store. He's on Twitter as @RenegadeOwner find Cover the Core at or play his new game Code Fall: Music by Danny Baranowsky

Nov 30, 2015

CTO by day, hobby game developer by night, in this episode Michael McHugh discusses his side projects, non-game applications of VR/AR, classic 1990's VR, game design for smartphone hardware, youth-appropriate games, and more. Games available at Podcast music by Danny Baranowsky

Nov 23, 2015

Today Valentina Chrysostomou discusses her first handful of games, earning her master's in game design, and her latest voice-controlled game, Plan Be. She's @ValRLC on Twitter and her games are at Music by Danny Baranowsky

Nov 16, 2015

Martin Grider's making a game for Apple TV, created iPhone games, and organizes IGDA Minneapolis. He's @livingtech and @abstractpuzzle on Twitter. Music by Danny Baranowsky. Be on the podcast:

Nov 9, 2015

Today's interview is with the CEO of Syndicate Atomic, creators of EctoPlaza. It's like Smash Bros. meets Angry Birds. Mike talks about his time at USC, experience marketing the game, and more. Music by Danny Baranowsky.

Nov 2, 2015

Today's interview is with professor and developer Tim Samoff. He's created educational games, done interaction design for several other kinds of software, and is currently working on his Master's thesis. On Twitter as @timsamoff Music by Danny Baranowsky.

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